Power TakeOff Accelerating the Energy Transition with Record Partnerships and Impact in 2024

Spearheading energy efficiency in the wake of increasing demand on the grid.

The past year featured transformative growth for Power TakeOff, the industry leader in virtual and data-first demand side management offerings for utilities. Following the change in company ownership to Lime Rock New Energy and Nuveen, 2024 marks a new chapter of innovation and renewed strategy. In the wake of exponentially rising grid demand, Power TakeOff’s mission to identify and deliver data-driven energy efficiency solutions to our partners and communities is more important than ever.

Strategic Growth for Utility Partners & New Pilots

For Power TakeOff, 2024 is on pace to be a landmark year for celebrating partnerships, established and new, with leading utility providers across the country. Year to date, Power TakeOff has launched contracts with 13 new investor owned utilities, adding several million meters to our ecosystem. Energy saving goals for 2024 have grown to nearly 70 GWh with contractual outlook to over 100 GWh in 2025. These partnerships have allowed us to broaden our reach and extend our impact, bringing innovative energy efficiency solutions to even more businesses and institutions nationwide. Additional anticipated highlights include:

  • DSM Program Reach to 18 States: Increasing from 10 states in 2023, our DSM related services are now operating in 18 states.
  • EmPOWER Maryland VCx Expansion: Our EmPOWER MD Virtual Commissioning® (VCx®) program savings goal increased from 16.9 GWh for the 2021-2023 cycle to an impressive 46.7 GWh for the 2024-2026 cycle. This substantial increase underscores our unwavering commitment to driving meaningful energy savings and sustainability efforts in the northeast.
  • EmPOWER Maryland vSEM Program: In addition, our partnership with EmPOWER MD has expanded beyond Virtual Commissioning to include the Virtual Strategic Energy Management™ (vSEM™) program. This expansion demonstrates our dedication to providing comprehensive energy efficiency solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our partners and clients.
  • M&V as a Service Pilot Launch with CA IOU: Used to measure savings for energy projects across the U.S. and Canada, Power TakeOff’s M&V 2.0 methods are the industry standard for on-time, accurate and repeatable reporting. In partnership with a CA IOU, we are excited to support their program initiatives to provide the utility and their contractors with early, frequent and accurate site-specific saving results.
  • Energy Reports with Southwest IOU: Analytics capabilities are embedded into personalized reports which capture meaningful energy usage patterns and insights. Using these reports, key account managers are provided an effective tool for enhancing customer engagement, resulting in increased customer participation and trust.

As we look ahead, Power TakeOff is poised for continued growth and success. With a strong foundation of partnerships, expanded capabilities, and a dedicated team of over 100 employees, we are well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results for our clients and partners. Learn more about Power TakeOff’s suite of Virtual Energy Efficiency™ (VEE™) offerings at www.powertakeoff.com.

About Power TakeOff, Inc.

Since 2007, Power TakeOff has been the industry leader in the creation of data-first, virtual utility products, services and efficiency programs. Specializing in Energy Information Software, Power TakeOff uses advanced analytics to simplify the vast amount of utility AMI data into personalized, custom energy efficiency recommendations with proven, Advanced M&V statistical saving results. Utility leaders across North America rely on Power TakeOff to transform complex, non-residential engagement challenges into solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences and results, increase utility revenue, meet efficiency goals, and reduce GHG emissions.

Visit us at www.PowerTakeOff.com.