• Location

    Denver, CO
  • Initial Investment

    September 2023

What Does Power TakeOff Do?

Power TakeOff uses advanced analytics to simplify the vast amount of utility AMI, or “smart meter”, data into personalized, custom energy efficiency recommendations with proven, advanced measurement and verification statistical savings results. Utility leaders across North America rely on Power TakeOff to transform complex, non-residential engagement challenges into solutions that deliver exceptional customer experiences and results, increase utility revenue, meet efficiency goals, and reduce GHG emissions.

Customer Value Proposition

PTO’s sophisticated use of AI and ML algorithms allows PTO to identify opportunities for small and medium businesses to save energy and money and reduce their carbon footprint. This is achieved through the implementation of behavior-based changes such as adjusting heating and cooling (HVAC) and lighting setpoints in building management systems. The company’s core service offering is its Virtual Commissioning® (VCx®) program.  This offering follows a pay-for-performance model where PTO is paid a fixed unit price per kWh or BTU savings achieved.

Climate Impact

Through collaboration with utilities and their small and medium business customers, Power TakeOff has delivered average energy savings of approximately 17% compared to historical power usage. This reduction in energy consumption directly translates into lower carbon emissions for the end customer. In addition, it allows utilities to delay or avoid the need for new generation and T&D infrastructure while fostering a more resilient and flexible power system.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals



By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency



Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning



Total greenhouse gas emissions per year